Windows 11 updates for Mega Math Blaster and Reading Blaster 2000!

UPDATE: Simpler archives that just contain the needed registry files and SmartHeap are now available. Obviously, the different Atlas engine versions can't just be mixed and matched because the games' personality files had to be built for a specific version.

It took some work, but I've released updates for Mega Math Blaster and Reading Blaster 2000, which will allow them to run in Windows 11!

Although the games themselves use 32-bit executables, the installers are still in 16-bit. These registry files allow you to put the needed settings to run the games without the need to run the installer.
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I created an account on this site specifically to thank you for figuring out the required REG strings and the new version of SmartHeap and making this post. I was driving myself crazy trying to decompile the InstallShield scripts to figure out what registry entries might be missing but you saved me so much time. And I doubt I would have ever figured out that SmartHeap needed to be updated. Thanks a lot.