Starting on AGI decompilations

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I've just started a new decompilation archive for AGI games. Check it out here.

The Virgin Suicide

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We all know how, in the original Leisure Suit Larry, the title character would commit suicide if he didn't lose his virginity by sunrise. I even uploaded a video of this on YouTube.

But what causes this? When does it happen? Does sleeping with the prostitute prevent it? And can this happen in the VGA remake?

Well, let's look at the game's code, in any sidewalk room:

if (initLog)
    if  (watchHours > 4 &&            [    Anything after 5 am.
        watchHours < 10)
        NewRoom( rmSunrise);
So we know that it happens at 5 AM, when entering any sidewalk room.
Contrary to popular belief, doing the deed with the prostitute does NOT remove this time limit, since the code doesn't check for that.

Also contrary to popular belief, this death DOES occur in the VGA remake. From script 700, sidewalk:init...
        (if (> (GameHour) 7)    ;anytime after 5 am
            (self setScript: virginScript)...