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SCI SCI01 Template 1.1

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This is a new template that uses the SCI01 engine.
The engine is essentially a hybrid of SCI0 and SCI1. It retains the EGA graphics and parser of SCI0, but now uses SCI1's sound resources and improved memory manager.

The Feature class was completely redone, introducing doVerb: code and the verb messager. This translates verbs into said specs. It appears to have been a way to help the programmers transition from the parser to an icon-based interface.

The best example of an SCI01 game is Quest for Glory II, which was the very last game to support both EGA graphics and a parser. During development of the game, there were issues with heap space running out, requiring changes to the interpreter and script library.

The Seasoned Professional is another example of an SCI01 game, and uses digital audio for the director's voice. And despite not using it, the interpreter actually has a parser, making it the very last SCI interpreter with one.

Known issues
New sound resources don't play in-game. SCI Sound Utilities may need to be updated to support SCI1 sounds.
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