1. EricOakford

    Starting on AGI decompilations

    I've just started a new decompilation archive for AGI games. Check it out here.
  2. EricOakford

    I Wanna Go Fast

    Most SCI games keep track of CPU speed. They do this at startup in a room commonly known as speedTest, and save the recorded speed in a global variable commonly known as machineSpeed. Initially, there was no upper limit. This leads to bugs in Leisure Suit Larry 3. In the exercise room, the...
  3. EricOakford

    A Fresh Restart

    Restarting a 16-bit SCI game is pretty simple. In Game:restart... (method (restart) (if modelessDialog (modelessDialog dispose:) ) (RestartGame) ) In other words, it clears any modeless dialog, and invokes the kernel call RestartGame to clear...
  4. EricOakford

    "Put bag in bottle"

    In Leisure Suit Larry 2, an oversight in the game's vocab makes it so that mere "put bag in bottle" doesn't work... supposedly. From the Leisure Suit Larry Collection's readme: Is there any truth to this? Let's find out. The most common version of the game (the one included in collections) is...